Polish Winery Council

Association of Employers The Polish Winery Council is an expert and the largest wine industry organization in the country. Among its members are producers, importers and distributors of wines, mead, wine beverages as well as other companies related to the wine market in Poland. The Council was established on the initiative of the majority of members of the Polish Winery Council (formerly the National Council of Winery and Miodosytnictwa), which for 24 years was active at the Association of Scientific and Technological Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry.

The PRW represents its members to the legislative, executive and regulatory authorities as well as to other national and international organizations. Expresses its opinion and postulates changes in existing and established legislation at national and European level. It initiates actions leading to favorable fiscal, customs and quality solutions, in order to create favorable conditions for the development of the wine industry in Poland.

An important pillar of the activity is the strengthening of the position of traditional wine products, combined with the promotion of modern production technologies and the improvement of the quality of wine products available on the Polish market. It is always a priority to raise awareness and educate the public about the culture of responsible drinking and to counteract alcoholism.

ZP PRW creates a space for the integration of the wine industry and their professional development.

Association of Employers The Polish Winery Council is a member of the AICV (L'Association des Industries des Cidres et Vins de l'U.E.), A Brussels-based organization representing producers of ciders and fruit wines of the European Union.

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ZP PRW Main Council

Chairman of the Main Council - Grzegorz Bartol (Bartex Bartol Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.)

Vice-chairman of the Main Council:

Jakub Nowak (Jantoń S.A Sp.K)

Dorota Piotrowska (Dom Wina Sp. z o.o.),

Members of the Main Council:

Anna Kalinowska (Henkell & Co. Polska Sp. z o.o.) 

Tomasz Iżewski (Warwin S.A.)



ZP PRW Management

Chairman of the Board - Magdalena Zielińska



Bartex Dom Wina Henkel Jantoń lemag Mazurskie miody Martini Warwin ardagh