The main statutory tasks of the Polish Winery Council include:

  • protection of rights and representation of interests, including economic and social ones, of the wine industry with respect to the authorities, government administration, local government and trade unions;
  • influencing the legislative process concerning the interests of wine industry employers, including postulating and initiating the implementation of pro-development tax, production, trade, quality and health standards;
  • influencing the shape of legal solutions and their own sectoral regulations in order to designate and effectively enforce the highest quality standards of wine products offered to Polish consumers;
  • the success of the economy and the importance of the wine industry in Poland, the European Union and other countries;
  • creating a friendly social climate as well as legal, economic, organizational and technical conditions for the development of the wine industry in cooperation with national and foreign trade organizations
  • working out a common vision of the development of the wine industry by all the representatives of this industry in Poland.

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