Honorary members are those who have contributed immensely to the development or realization of the objectives of the Polish Winery Council.

Edmund Kośnik

He co-organized the Polish Winery Council in 1991. He has been in charge since the time of its establishment until 2015 and he performed function of a chairman. He was involved in almost all his professional life in the industry and later became involved in Council work after retirement.

Elżbieta Pawłowska

She has been associated with the Council since her inception. In 1991 she was the initiator of the founding of the Organization, then she was active in Presidium.  In years  1995 - 2016 she was the Office Director. At present, as an expert remains actively involved in the work of the Council.

Anna Wojciechowska

For many years she has been active in the industry and Polish Winery Council. She faithfully served as Secretary of the Organization and participated at Presidium debates in next terms. She currently serves as an expert of the ZP PRW  and her extensive professional experience is a tremendous contribution to the Council.

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