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Our members are the largest Polish companies in production, import and distribution of wines and other fermented beverages. They export their products to many countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, and import wines from all continents. Our members account for 70% of the wines and other fermented beverages produced and bottled in Poland.

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This Polish family business dates back to 1990. When BARTEX started, about twenty companies had a significant role on the Polish wine market. Today, there are 5 serious players.
The company is one of the largest importers and producers in Poland of a full range of wines, low-alcohol beverages, spirit-based high-alcohol drinks, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Its plants constitute a modern production, bottling and storage base with BRC, IFS, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 quality system certificates.

JNT GROUP was founded in 1976. It is one of the largest producers, importers and exporters in the Polish wine industry. It has seen robust growth for years and is among the industry leaders thanks to its many years of experience, constant innovations, as well as its flexibility and quick responses to market challenges. The company’s portfolio includes all types of grape and fruit wines, RTD beverages, ciders and other low-alcohol drinks.

Henkell Freixenet Polska is part of the international Henkell Freixenet Group, which following this year’s acquisition of shares in Freixenet S.A. has become the world leader in sparkling wines. The key brands in Henkell Freixenet Polska’s portfolio are Mionetto Prosecco (No. 1 in the prosecco category), Gin Lubuski (No. 1 on the gin market), Dalkowski and Canari liqueurs, Nalewka Babuni and Totino.
The company disposes of a wealth of process and production facilities, whose potential is used by many sister companies. Henkell Freixenet Polska is a noteworthy exporter of its products to many countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. It distinguishes itself in its creative and flexible responses to the needs of contemporary consumers.

Martini Polska Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor of the products of Martini&Rossi SpA, the Italian producer of sparkling wines and vermouths. Over its 150-year history, the style and taste of Martini products have become a symbol of Italian culture. Already in the 1870s Martini exported high quality sparkling wines to the United States, Asia and Eastern Europe. Since the 1920s and 1930s, Martini vermouths formed the base for the nascent cocktail culture as vital ingredients of such cocktails as Americano or Negroni. Today, Martini is the #1 brand in the world among Italian sparkling wines.

For 30 years, Partner Center has been ensuring that customers get the best quality wines. We successfully combine passion with knowledge of wine…

Our passion meets knowledge and experience, which is why we are one of the leading wine importers and distributors. We offer hundreds of excellent beverages from renowned Old and New World wine houses, consequently awarded at international alcoholic beverage quality competitions. We supply both the HoReCa market—hotels and restaurants—and the modern channel, i.e., retail chains.

To date, our work has been recognized multiple times. We have received the prestigious awards of Market Leader, the Investor in Human Capital Emblem, the Sapphire Statuette of Human Resource Management Leader, as well as the ISO 9001:2001 quality system certificate for the import and distribution of wines and spirits. We have also won the European Medal twice as well as international awards for our products like the Berlin Wine Trophy.

As a socially responsible company, we support both community campaigns and promote responsible alcohol consumption. Our activities are aimed at changing the mentality at the level of both alcohol consumption and sales.

AMKA POLSKA was founded in 2012 as one of the successive European branches of the Danish company AMKA. It is a wine, beer, and spirits importer and distributor.

Our strictly selected range of wine houses is designed for the HoReCa, Off-Trade, and B2B sectors. We provide professional advice in the selection of wine for any occasion to business and corporate Clients.

What sets us apart is our individual approach and preparation of tailor-made offers. During the holiday season, we provide gift sets in decorative packaging and deliver them to a specified address.

Our motto is: “Yes we can.”

The Dom Wina group is a unique collection of companies offering a full range of viticulture-related services, such as the import and distribution of wines, the Czas Wina magazine, the Wine Service wine tourism agency, Klub Dom Wina and the hotel Dwór Sieraków. The Dom Wina portfolio includes over 600 wines and strong alcohols from 5 continents.

Platinum Wines is one of the key importers and distributors of wine from all over the world, mainly from Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia and Chile. The company specializes in distribution for the traditional and modern off-trade channel. It is also the exclusive distributor of such brands: as Mezzek, Mołdawska Winnica, Badagoni i Porta on the Polish market.

The company has a range of well-established own labels and a modern plant that meets ISO requirements, thanks to which it achieves the highest quality packaging standards for its customers.

Years of passionate beekeeping have allowed Mazurskie Miody to join the honey elite, with their offer including a veritable plethora of flavours – from the most popular blended and rapeseed honeys to the unique heather and phacelia honeys.
In 2007, Mazurskie Miody entered the alcohol market. Following the founders’ ideals, it became the cradle of innovative methods for obtaining unique beverages, which are always made in limited quantities. The company had a strong début, introducing a whole range of completely natural meads with different honey to water ratios: czwórniak, trójniak, dwójniak and półórak, as well as honey-based strong alcohols. After years of preparations, trials and tests, Mazurskie Miody started selling the first Polish single malt in 2017.

The APIS Apiculture Cooperative in Lublin is a renowned manufacturer of mead and honey, enjoying its reputation for over 90 years. The company’s continued presence and industry leader status were confirmed by the award in the Company category at the latest edition of the AgroLiga 2022 competition. APIS’s overarching goal is to produce exceptional products that combine traditional technology, carefully observed formulas and strict production regime. This is why the meads offered by the APIS Apiculture Cooperative are known for their outstanding taste and aroma, which attracts customers from all over Poland and abroad. The company combines many years of experience and apiculture tradition with modern technology to maintain products of the highest quality. APIS also cares about the ecological and sustainable development of Polish apiculture, offering customers natural products free of artificial additives and preservatives. The APIS Apiculture Cooperative in Lublin is not just a manufacturer, but also an ambassador of healthy lifestyles and concern for the environment. Long history, uninterrupted commitment and passion for apiculture make the APIS Apiculture Cooperative in Lublin a reliable supplier of high-quality mead and honey.

We are a rapidly growing company based in Szczecin, which has been present on the Polish market since 2009. We imported our first container in 2006, when we were just a division of Oktan Energy V&L Service. Currently, we import wines from the New World (Argentina, Chile), Israel, and Europe (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria). We are a pioneer in importing wines from Israel and were the first to introduce BARKAN and SEGAL wines to the Polish market. Our motto is to import and distribute wines that we ourselves like, ones that can make ordinary moments extraordinary.

DiWine was founded in 2020 by Beata Iwańczyk and Marcin Bańcerowski as a result of their shared passion and belief that close cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs and farmers, based on tradition and value, as well as modern solutions, is the way to start a renaissance of Polish fruit wines from the interwar period. Positive feedback from family and friends inspired Marcin to set up a winery and begin production on a much larger scale than the home setting where he had been making wine for more than 10 years. Since then, he and Beata have been making key decisions in their wine business, finding business partners among farmers and fruit growers, but also establishing partnerships with representatives of various industries promoting Polish services and artisanal products.

Hillebrand Group has been operating for 175 years, providing clients with the distribution of wine and spirits to various parts of the world and assisting in gaining new markets.

LeMag is a family business that has been present on the Polish wine market for 25 years. It works with the largest industrial producers of fermented beverages, vineyards, as well as home-made wine producers.
It provides products of the highest quality for fermentation and treatment of fermented beverages, technical support and wine know-how. By working with producers, it constantly develops its offer and broadens its knowledge in the field of wine, cider and mead production. The company is a small wine importer. A specialist store where these can be bought is located in Żyrardów near Warsaw.

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